BTS’s TinyTAN Releases New Products, Including Desserts And Plushes, And It’s All Too Adorable

Take all our money!

If you thought BTS‘s cartoon counterparts TinyTAN couldn’t get any cuter, you were mistaken!

Japanese company Takara Tomy Arts Co., Ltd. (also known as T-ARTS) has released their TinyTAN Plush S collection, and it’s literally so cute. There is a plush made for each member, inspired by the “IDOL” music video. There are a few different versions available too. The first one is the standard standing doll for 2,640 Japanese yen (about $24 USD) each.

There’s also a sitting version of each one for 1,639 ($14.92 USD). Look at these distinguished gentlemen… Look at the way they are sitting. Yes, very distinguished.

That’s not all either. We’re just getting started!

There’s the “Easy Friend,” which is a sleeping version of the dolls. They cost 2,420 Japanese yen (about $22 USD) each. Who wouldn’t want to take a nap with these?

If you want to bring your bias with your wherever you go, there’s also a keychain version! They are $1,650 Japanese yen (approximately $15 USD).

Even a plush mirror keyring option is available for 1,210 Japanese yen (about $11 USD).

TinyTAN make the perfect accessory too, so there’s a pin/badge you can wear. They cost 770 Japanese yen ($7 USD) each.

You know BTS are so considerate; they’ll even help you get your hair out of your face with the help of these TinyTAN hair elastics. They are 660 Japanese yen ($6 USD) an elastic.

Finally, take a rest with one of these cute cushions! They cost 3,850 Japanese yen (approximately $35 USD) each.

While you’re chilling, enjoy a nice cold sweet treat! Based in South Korea, Youngmil WishPack has released several exclusive cream-filled rice cakes, otherwise known as ice cream mochi, including TinyTAN!

The purple set has special packaging consisting of a box you can keep forever inspired by the group. It includes three flavors: TinyTAN Purple Berry Cream, New York Cheesecake Cream, and Strawberry Cream.

There are also a few packs inspired by “Dynamite.” The flavor choices include coffee, pistachio, corn, and soybean.

Did we mention they come with stickers and a photocard too?

While those last two TinyTAN product collections were exclusively for Japan and South Korea, respectively, the last release includes the United States too!

You may have heard of TATA mic… Now, there are TinyTAN Bluetooth Microphones available through widshop. There is one for each member, featuring them very appropriately in their “Mic Drop” fits. They are 99,000 Korean won ($84.56 USD)

What do you want to buy?

Source: Takara Tomy Arts Co., Ltd., @ym_wishpack and @widmobile


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