BTS Told Jungkook That He Can Never Lose His Abs For One Reason, And One Reason Only

His abs aren’t going anywhere, because of ARMY.

Jungkook is BTS‘s King of Abs and that will never change, if his members have any say in it!

The Golden Maknae has many athletic hobbies, including boxing and weight training, so he’s in incredible shape. For years, ARMYs knew that Jungkook had killer abs, but (with the exception of some “No More Dream” and “Bulletproof Pt. 2” performances) they rarely got to see them.

That all changed in 2018, with “FAKE LOVE”. Jungkook started flashing his abs on a regular basis as part of the song’s choreography, and this move is now one of the sexiest highlights at BTS’s Love Yourself concerts.

Following the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, BTS had a BBQ party with Nippon TV. During it, BTS played a keyword game where they had to send a love message to ARMY using the word they were given. Jungkook’s word was “abs”.

He cheesily called his abs the center of his love for ARMY, making everyone burst out laughing.

In response, his members said that he can’t lose his abs or else he’ll lose his love for ARMY too. Jungkook promised that, like his love, his abs are here to stay…

…and imagined his workouts going something like this!

Watch the whole party here: