BTS’s Ex-Mentor Shares Behind The Scenes Stories From “American Hustle Life”

These facts have been under wraps for six years.

A mentor from BTS‘s rookie days has shared stories from American Hustle Life that haven’t been revealed for the past six years.

In 2014, BTS starred in the reality show American Hustle Life, in which they traveled to Los Angeles to learn more about hip-hop and American hip-hop culture. Tony Jones (@tony_jones), who describes himself as a songwriter, clothing designer, and actor, was one of BTS’s mentors.

On February 3, Tony appeared in a new video with FO Squad Kpop to talk about his past controversy with ARMY, his friendship with BTS, and more.

In the video, Tony also reacted to old American Hustle Life episodes while giving commentary. While watching a clip from BTS’s basketball game, Tony shared behind the scenes facts.

“No one knows this to this day,” he said, after watching a clip of V jumping to grab a hoop. “The rims weren’t ten feet. They were really low…This is going to make me look bad, make us all look bad. It might have been like eight [feet].”

Tony also revealed new info about leader RM, who took one for the team.

I don’t know if y’all caught that or not, but at the beginning, I think there was an odd number, so that’s why one of them was like, ‘aww, hurt’. Someone had to sit out.

— Tony Jones

Watch the video here: