Here’s How BTS Took Over Twitter In 48 Hours

They’re unstoppable

By now, everyone has heard about BTS‘s new album, Map of the Soul: 7 that was released on February 21.  The album and music video for the title track, “ON”, have already been breaking records left and right, and are predicted to continue to do so as album sales and view counts keep skyrocketing.

BTS has also been showing their dominance on social media, namely Twitter, which has been basically taken over by loyal ARMYs! From 6am February 21 to 6 am February 23 (KST), BTS amassed a whopping 17 million tweets within the 48 hours.

The tweets peaked within the first hour of the album’s release (at 6pm February 21) with 1.2 million tweets between then and 7pm (KST). The most popular tweet from the official BTS Twitter account was for “D-Day” featuring RM and artwork.

Even Sia and Justin Bieber tweeted about the album’s release, showing that the global superstars are popular among western celebrities as well!  The top hashtags besides #BTS and #* were #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_7, #BTSComeback2020, and #ON.

Who knows what records BTS will break next!