Daegu To Stop BTS Theme Street Project Due To Opposition From Big Hit Entertainment

Looks like BTS street will not be happening.

Previously, the city of Daegu proposed a project to create a BTS tourism themed street to enhance tourism for the town. They discussed plans to commercialize a road near the members’ old schools by having BTS-themed buses pass by it.



Daegu has become a hot spot for foreign fans who visit Korea as it is the hometown of Suga and V.

Unfortunately, Big Hit Entertainment opposed the proposal for this project. The company revealed that they have been trying to stop other member’s hometowns from creating BTS-themed projects as well. This past June, a Busan tourism company created a tour that focused on Jimin’s hometown of Geumjung and advertised it through social media.


We have no choice to stop the project due to the opposition from Big Hit Entertainment. Since we are not able to move forward without their consent, we will be closing this proposal.

⁠— Daegu Buk-gu Office