Big Hit Entertainment Reveals The Tracklist For BTS’s “BE” Album

Here are all the songs that will be on BTS’s new album.

The tracklist for BE is here!

| Big Hit Entertainment

On November 10, Big Hit Entertainment shared two new teaser images for BTS‘s upcoming album on Twitter. The first one lists all the songs on BE: “Life Goes On”, “내방을 여행하는법” (“Fly To My Room”), “Blue & Grey”, “Skit”, “잠시” (“Telepathy”), “병” (“Dis-ease”), “Stay”, and “Dynamite”.

The second image shows what could be lyrics from BE‘s title track “Life Goes On”: “Life goes on / Like an echo in the forest / Like an arrow in the blue sky / On my pillow, on my table / Life goes on like this again.” 

There’s only ten days to go until BE drops on November 20. Are you ready for it?


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