Former BigHit Trainee Opens Up About What It Was Really Like Training With BTS

He also shared some juicy TMI about their living conditions!

The members of BTS might be global superstars. But, like every idol, they started as trainees working their way through a vigorous and cutthroat industry that has been known to break people. Even after the group debuted in 2013, it took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears *no pun intended* to get to where they are now.

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For every success, hundreds of trainees don’t get the same opportunities and fall before they even have a chance to debut. One of those people is Kim Jihoon, who many have known as a former BigHit trainee who almost debuted in BTS.

Throughout the years, he’s shared multiple stories and pictures with the members, including showcasing how caring and genuine they all are

Kim Jihoon (left) and BTS’s J-Hope (right)
Kim Jihoon (left) and BTS’s V (right)

Jihoon recently appeared on a video with VICE Asia, where he spoke about what it was like training for BigHit, the hardships, and much more.

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In particular, Jihoon spoke about what it was really like living and working with the members during their trainee days. Like most trainees, especially during that time, Jihoon explained that the living conditions were less than preferable.

It used to be in a pretty bad state. It wasn’t very spacious and there were only two rooms. Sometimes eight of us lived here all together.

— Jihoon

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Yet, as expected, it was also a time full of good memories. For many idols, their time in the dorms as trainees is when they really get to bond with each other, and it was so memorable to Jihoon that he even remembered the smallest details.

This is how we slept, Namjoon (RM) slept on the bottom bunk, and Suga slept on the top bunk. J-Hope was on the opposite side, and I was above him. And then there were the three maknaes, Taehyung (V), Jungkook, and Jimin sleeping on the floor.

— Jihoon

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He also explained that no matter the amount of work and training they did, he was happy because it was with the members, and they’d achieve their goal.

Of course, the fun had with the members was balanced out by the strict schedules trying to balance school and training. Yet, even though they were encouraged to practice alone, this wasn’t something the BTS members opted for.

We worked hard together when we practiced. Even when it was time to practice individually, we would always practice together. Because in reality, it was better for us to practice together than alone.

— Jihoon

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Considering how close the BTS members are now, it isn’t surprising that they have always relied on each other, even before they debuted. If that wasn’t enough, Jihoon also revealed their true personalities when it came to helping each other improve.

We would listen to each other sing and help each other improve. That’s how we spent our days, and that’s how we were constantly able to improve.

— Jihoon

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Again, former trainees from BigHit have showcased that even as teenagers, all the members of BTS were truly caring. It isn’t surprising that they’re so successful and all their hard work paid off.

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