BTS’s “Translator RM” Is Back With His “Strong Power” Translations

He translated their answers with 0% accuracy.

In interviews, RM is often BTS‘s translator, but even he can’t handle their chaotic answers sometimes!

In 2016, a meme was born when RM translated V‘s message for ARMY as, “Strong power, thank you.” 

He also summed up Jin’s answer with a single English word: “heartbreaker”. 

Now, RM’s “Strong Power” translation style is making comeback in BTS’s Ask Anything ChatThe video is titled, “BTS 2 Minutes Of Pure Chaos Bonus Footage”, and it’s easy to see why!

When BTS were asked who takes the least time to shower and dress after a show, everyone started talking at once, and RM’s genius brain went into overdrive.

Instead of translating everyone’s answers, he chose to translate part of Jungkook’s choice (V) as “selfish” and “bad boy, bad V”.

A hot minute later, he translated Suga’s detailed answer to a question about his pandemic hobbies as, “Suga doesn’t sleep.” 

RM summed up Jimin‘s answer as “Jimin, sloth”, but the sloth wasn’t having it! “Stop interpreting what I’m saying,” Jimin said, laughing.

Translator RM ended the Q&A with one more “Strong Power” translation. He summarized Jungkook’s newly discovered talent for painting as “Jungkook Picasso.” 

Watch the video here: