BTS’s V Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of His Haircare

This is what he has to do to get his famous perm.

BTS‘s V doesn’t have a “get ready with me” beauty channel on YouTube (yet?), but if he did, ARMY would watch the heck out of it!

Right now, people are missing their hairdressers, who have closed up shop in response to COVID-19. Most of us are looking at a few more months of unruly, undyed, in desperate need of a trim hair, but luckily for V, BTS’s hairdressers are still around to help him out!

V’s perm has become one of his most iconic, flattering looks. The last time V permed his hair was January, and he gave fans this sneak peek of it on Weverse.

On April 13, the perm officially returned with a behind the scenes post on Twitter. To get this, you have to go through…

…this! Beauty is a process, to say the least.

“ARMYs, the perm is back,” V wrote in the caption. “What hairstyle did ARMYs pick for today~?” He hashtagged the post with #BOTD #BTS_OF_THE_DAY, getting everyone excited.

Daily updates from BTS? That’s an offer ARMY isn’t going to refuse, especially if one of those updates is an after photo of V’s new ‘do!