There’s One Thing You Can’t Find Even With BTS And TXT Combined

Fun fact about BTS and TXT you probably didn’t notice.

One fan of BTS and TXT pointed out a peculiar fun fact about the two groups on a popular online forum post.


The fan uploaded a summary of the BTS members profile, writing down their full name, birthday, and blood type.


Then they listed out the same profile summary of the five TXT members.


And pointed out that even amidst the 12 members, there was an extremely common trait that’s missing among the BigHit idols… There’s not a single member who has the last name Lee or the blood type B! It’s especially unique as Lee is the second most popular last name in Korea, and the 12 members encompass every other blood type except B!


But the cherry on top about this fun fact? The only other artist under BigHit Entertainment is Lee Hyun, who’s last name is Lee and has the blood type B!


Did Bang PD do this on purpose? Is Lee Hyun the missing key that completes the circle of BigHit artists? Fans definitely had a good laugh as they declared Lee Hyun an official idol under BigHit!


There’s nothing like the perfection of the BigHit family!

Source: Instiz and Live Science