BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN Choreographer Picks Which K-Pop Idol Learns Choreo Fastest

He’s worked side by side with all three groups.

Nick Joseph is loved by K-Pop fans for choreographing hit songs like BTS‘s “Butter” remix with Megan Thee Stallion, TXT‘s “FROST”, ENHYPEN‘s “Tamed-Dashed”, and more for the three HYBE groups. Working side by side with the K-Pop idols, he picked up on details that only those behind the scenes would know.

Sitting down with STEEZY, Nick Joseph revealed which one of the male idols he’s worked with was the best at learning his choreography. He chose an idol that’s well-known for his sharp moves and dance skills.

Out of all the idols he’s taught and danced side by side with, Nick Joseph chose TXT’s Yeonjun. There was a reason why Yeonjun stood out to him as the best.

Although it usually takes time to learn a whole routine, that time was cut in half for Yeonjun. Nick Joseph explained, “He learned a whole minute-long piece in the span of forty-five minutes, just watching me do it and try to teach him.

Not only does Yeonjun have amazing facial expressions when dancing, but he’s just as talented in picking up choreography quickly.

Check out Nick Joseph’s praise for the idol’s quick and effective skill here.