BTS, TXT, And ENHYPEN To Feature In New Mobile Rhythm Game

TXT and ENHYPEN are finally getting a game!

Big Hit Entertainment will be releasing a new rhythm game, Rhythm Hive, soon! This will officially be Superb Corp.‘s first collaboration game with Big Hit. Superb Corp. focuses on rhythm games as their other games include Pianista (classical music) and Yumi’s Cells.

Rhythm Hive will feature music and pictures of BTSTOMORROW x TOGETHER, and ENHYPEN. The game will allow players to play the music of the artists alone, with friends (“live stage” mode), or competitively (“mix challenge” mode). Users can also participate in a team where they choose the song and part of the melody they want to play.

Like SuperStar,  a “performance card” will display a certain member and give bonus points depending on its level. It will also allow players to optimize the game’s difficulty, speed, and other factors so that players with various skill levels can enjoy it.

| @TXT_bighit_jp/Twitter

Songs supposedly featured in the first release include BTS’s “Life Goes On,” BTS’s “ON,” BTS’s “Dynamite,” TXT’s “Run Away,” TXT’s “Can’t You See Me?,” TXT’s “Blue Hour,” and ENHYPEN’s “Given-Taken .”Fans speculate that this will completely replace the popular SuperStar BTS.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter