BTS’s Jungkook Called Himself “Hyung” And Nobody Can Handle It

Fans still can’t believe that their “baby” is a “hyung” now.

It’s finally happened. BTS‘s Jungkook called himself “Jungkook-hyung” for the very first time!


Back in 2013, fans never thought this day would come. Jungkook debuted with BTS at the tender age of 15, and for six years he was the youngest member of his group and Big Hit Entertainment.


When TXT debuted on March 4, Jungkook officially lost his status as the company’s maknae and became an older brother to TXT. Fans eagerly awaited the first public interaction between Jungkook and his TXT dongsaengs, and it finally happened on March 7.


On March 7, TXT tweeted the first ever TXT x BTS group photo, along with a sweet message.

“Thank you so much to our seniors who took time off from their busy schedules to share good conversations and their sincerest advice with usㅠ We’ll work hard so that we don’t embarrass you as juniors! We love you, BTS #BTS #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #BTS #TXT”



Soon after, Jungkook replied to TXT. He told them to take care of their health and do well in their promotions. He also called himself…”Jungkook-hyung”!

“It’s Jungkookie hyung

Take care of your health and do well in your promotions”

— Jungkook


When fans saw this historic tweet, they completely lost their minds, and before long, “Jungkook hyung” was trending worldwide!


“Jungkook-hyung” will take some getting used to, but that said, we can’t wait to see more interactions between him and TXT!