Here Are The 2020 “Big Hit Family” Heights For BTS, TXT, And Lee Hyun

Here are their heights for 2020.

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment released a set of photos of BTSTXT, and Lee Hyun, including one where they lined up in order of height. It turns out, however, that this order isn’t 100% accurate!


1. Jimin (BTS) – 173.6cm

Although he may never willingly admit it, Jimin is the shortest idol at Big Hit Entertainment.

For a long time, Jimin was thought to be 175cm tall, until Jin exposed his true height during a live broadcast!

2. Suga (BTS) – 174cm

There is only a centimeter difference in height between Jimin and Suga, but that centimeter might as well be a mountain! For years, BTS’s members (especially Jungkook) teased Jimin about being smol, but Suga’s 1cm (and his “do not mess with me” attitude) saved him from the same fate.

3. Lee Hyun – 175cm

Although Lee Hyun is portrayed as the shortest Big Hit Entertainment singer in their family photos, his official profile on Big Hit Entertainment’s website states that Lee Hyun is 175cm.

4. Taehyun (TXT) – 177cm

5. J-Hope (BTS) – 177cm

6. Jungkook (BTS) – 178cm

7. V (BTS) – 178cm

8. Beomgyu (TXT) – 179cm

Beomgyu is positioned in front of and Jungkook in the photo, but he is 1cm taller than them, making him the same height as Jin.

9. Jin (BTS) – 179cm

10. RM (BTS) – 181cm

For years, RM was the king of heights at Big Hit Entertainment, but his crown has since been passed down to TXT’s members.

11. Yeonjun (TXT) – 181cm

12. Huening Kai (TXT) – 183cm

13. Soobin (TXT) – 185cm

Source: Big Hit Entertainment