BTS Make An Unexpected Cameo In A Famous Mexican Television Series

The series is one of the most popular in Mexico!

Since debuting in 2013, BTS‘s popularity worldwide has grown with their music and status as global icons. It has meant that the group has been showcasing their influence in various ways, and countries across the world have been using the group in their own television shows and movies.

Recently, some clips on social media gained attention from ARMY after it turned out that BTS had once again been mentioned in a television series, but this time in Mexico.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

The television series La Rosa de Guadalupe is one of the most popular shows in Mexico. It started airing in 2008 and portrays real-life stories of people who have experienced true miracles after praying to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

A recent episode focused on a young girl called Rosalba who was going through life while having to live with a father who is an alcoholic. In the episode, it mentions BTS several times as the girl uses the group and their music as a way to feel love.

Rosalba is at school and sees her friend Sara. The duo is sat on the swings and to cheer Sara up, Sara explains that they should look at pictures of BTS. With her love for Jungkook, Rosalba rightly gets excited seeing him and adds, “I love him. He’s the most handsome out of all the band members!

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When it comes to your bias, not everyone has the same choice and it seems like Sara didn’t exactly agree with Rosalba, sharing her love for the oldest member Jin. The two then have friendly banter about their bias and which is the most handsome.

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In the end, it seems like their love of all of BTS meant more as Sara explained that because there were seven of them, they couldn’t fight. The two girls then continued fangirling over the members, and it’s relatable AF.

| @moominiies/Twitter

Later in the episode, Rosalba is with a dog that she uses to feel love and she is trying to figure out what to name the dog.

| @gabiiCabreraa/Twitter 

She then decides on Jungkook, explaining, “Your name is going to be Jungkook, like my BTS boyfriend.” Rosalba then explains that it’s because the feeling of having the dog makes her happy, just like how Jungkook makes her happy.

| @gabiiCabreraa/Twitter

When the clip was shared, ARMY couldn’t get enough of the cameo. Many even shared how huge the series is in Mexico and that BTS has definitely made their mark and showcased their fame by being mentioned.

The episode showcased the impact that BTS can have on individuals and the for many, K-Pop has become a form of escapism from real-life problems. With the group’s popularity increasing, there will definitely be more cameos in the future.

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Source: La Rosa Televisia


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