BTS Releases Inspirational UNICEF Video For International Friendship Day

This new video is part of their “ENDviolence” campaign.

BTS are spreading the message of self-love and loving others in a touching UNICEF video.


On July 29, BTS and UNICEF released a new video as a part of their joint “LOVE MYSELF” and “ENDviolence” campaigns for International Friendship Day (July 30).


The video opens with clips of BTS encircling and looking down into a pool of light. These clips are then juxtaposed with scenes of youth violence.


The victims of peer bullying in this video are from all different walks of life, but they have one thing in common: the need for comfort and healing. They find this through music and friendship.


The LOVE MYSELF campaign encourages young people to end violence by loving themselves, loving the people around them, and changing the world for the better. The video reflects this message, while giving comfort and strength to viewers.


Watch the video here: