BTS unveils two videos from short film series “WINGS”

BTS reveals a new short film series, “WINGS” with the release of part one, “BEGIN”, and part two, “LIE”.

The first video, “BEGIN”, opens with Rap Monster reciting an excerpt from Herman Hesse‘s novel Demian, followed by member Jungkook waking up in an empty room. The end of the video shows Jungkook’s shadow as a silhouette of a bird in flight. Part two, “LIE”, stars BTS’s Jimin, and opens again with Rap Monster quoting Demian. Jimin then dances to a song echoing in the background, and the bathtub scene from “I NEED U” appears!

Fans have already started to put the pieces together online, connecting these new videos with past music videos and lyrics. From looking at the new WINGS logo, there will most likely be two more parts to this short film series. The artistry and talent put into BTS’s work are undeniable. It seems like BTS and Big Hit Entertainment have been working extra hard lately! The quotes from literature and intricate symbolism are really making the fans think!

Check out the two videos in sequence below!