BTS Updates Fans On Suga’s Condition Since Undergoing Shoulder Surgery

We hope to see Suga very soon!

BTS recently held an exclusive iHeartRadio‘s Most Requested Live Ask Anything Chat with Romeo and updated fans on Suga’s condition.

The first question they received was from a fan from Germany who asked, “How’s Yoongi doing?”

RM answered first, “Do you know ‘Sim Sim’ (Korean word for ‘bored’). He can’t even work on anything because his arm hurts.” Jin added, “He said he’s not doing anything and just lying in bed.”

J-Hope also revealed, “He keeps saying that he really wants to get back to work. He wants to get back in the swing of things so he’s been working hard on rehab.”

Jin shared that he also received a video message from Suga on his birthday, showing his love for the members.

Last month, Suga announced that he had received shoulder surgery due to constant shoulder pain that he has dealt with since before debut. He has been discharged from the hospital and is currently going through rehab for a speedy recovery.

Watch the full interview below!