BTS’s USA Comeback Goals Seemed Impossible But ARMYs Made It Happen

ARMYs waste no time!

BTS’s surprise comeback with “Dynamite” was exciting for fans but that didn’t stop them from making sure they reached their goals for this new song. Let’s take a look at each of the goals and if they made it or not!

SHAZAM 250K (Global)

Shazam is an app that identifies music, movies, shows, based on a short sample played using the microphone on the device. Fans put this as part of the comeback goals because they felt that many people would probably try to search “Dynamite” after listening to it. Their goal of 250K was reached as they hit 257,839 Shazams in 24 hours.

| Shazam/Apple

Apple Music Top 50

Previously, BTS hit number 38 with “Boy With Luv”. “Dynamite” came in at 34, breaking their previous record. What’s interesting about this is that almost all the other songs from number 1 to 33 have the ‘explicit’ tag next to the track. This makes “Dynamite” the second song on the list that is not ‘explicit’. (Understood considering the lyrics are about drinking milk and ice tea!)

| Apple Music

Spotify 1.5M Streams

BTS continues to break their own record with every new song they release. They hit 1,314,671 streams with “Boy With Luv,” only to break it with “ON” with 1,408,995 streams. For “Dynamite” they hit 1,824,254 streams, going way over their goal of 1.5M. Even the instrumental version of the song reached 290,614 streams.

iTunes #1

This goal was easily reached with “Dynamite” reaching number 1 and the instrumental version hitting number 2 on the chart.

YouTube 100M Views and 6.5M Likes (Global)

Although this goal seemed pretty impossible, they were super close to making it. 24 hours after the release, the music video hit 98,291,053 views with 8.8M likes. They hit the actual 100M view mark at 24 hours and 27 minutes which is still an amazing accomplishment considering the goal itself was really high already.

Radio 500 Spins

A radio spin is the number of times a track is played on the radio. Although “Boy With Luv” reached 900 spins, they put the goal for “Dynamite” at 500 because radio was not something that fans could control. However, they beat their own record and reached 1,700 spins on release day. This is almost double their previous record!

To put it short, they practically hit all the goals that they prepared, with the exclusion of the 100M views being a few minutes late! Looking at the stats for this comeback, BTS world domination is right!

| @bts_bighit/Twitter