BTS Uses Their Emotions To Create Music And Heal The World

They are healing the world, one song at a time.

BTS has always poured their emotions and feelings into creating the music they make in order to heal both themselves and quite possibly, the world.

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Oldest member Jin released his solo track “Abyss” for his birthday last year, showing his vulnerability to the fans on his feelings about anxiety and despair; “Is it right for me to be at the center of all this praise and accolades when there are so many more people who love music more and are better at it than me?”

The lyrics to this song reveal his inner struggle due to the impact of COVID-19 as he felt like a part of his life disappeared.

‘Abyss’ shares the impact the pandemic had—even for superstars like BTS—on mental health, the artist’s drive to envision a brighter world through creative expression, and the comfort and healing not only the creator but also the listener might find in such creative output.

⁠— Weverse Interview

In the track “Blue & Grey” from their BE album, you can see that they use images of color to express their emotions on mental health. A psychiatrist named Dr. Oh Jin Seung revealed that out of all the coping mechanisms for stress, BTS seems to use sublimation as a way to channel their difficulties into art.

You can take control of your emotions by labeling them.

⁠— Dr. Oh Jin Seung

This explains why V might have labeled his emotions of anxiety and sadness as “Blue & Grey.”

Their mindset on understanding and sharing their personal struggles gives hope and strength to those who are also dealing with their mental health.

Like these, and many of their other songs, they continue to take it further by exploring their personal struggles and mental health in order to share their stories with the world.

Source: weverse