BTS’s V Didn’t Get A Chance To Finish His 2021 AMAs Speech, But Here’s What He Really Wanted To Say

Better late than never!

In November 2021, BTS attended this year’s American Music Awards (AMAs), and as expected, they absolutely slayed the event from the beginning.

Alongside picking up three awards, including becoming the first Asian group to pick up the most anticipated Artist of the Year award, they were true VIPs as celebrities lined up to meet them.

Each time the group went on stage, they wowed viewers worldwide with their words and thanks to ARMYs worldwide who have supported them. Yet, fans noticed when accepting the Artist of the Year award that the members seemed quite rushed for time.

In particular, Jungkook caught the attention of fans after he forgot the words and was then taken away from the mic by Jin! Fans spotted the monitor that read, “PLEASE WRAP IT UP” after Jungkook started his “We wanna focus on” portion of his speech which meant they had to wrap up.

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Before they finished, member V wanted to have a chance to say something, but it was clear the organizers were pressed for time as he had to finish up quickly.

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Although V didn’t seem too bothered at the time, new behind-the-scenes footage released from the event showed otherwise. As the group ran off stage to prepare for their performance of “Butter,” V didn’t seem happy as he exclaimed that he had more to say.


When the members got back to the changing room, V explained that he wasn’t given enough time on stage to say everything he wanted.

I just kept on… seriously. Suddenly, Namjoon says, ‘You finish it off.‘ What about me?

— V


As expected, leader RM had a proper reason for rushing V, adding that after he finished speaking, the organizers explained that there were only ten seconds left for the rest of the group to speak.


Luckily, with some time to themselves in the changing room, V had the chance to say his full speech in fluent English, and it isn’t surprising why he was so disappointed that he couldn’t say everything.

I am deeply touched by this award. I appreciate our ARMY right behind us, thank you. We love you. Thank you AMAs. Thank you ARMYs.

— V



At least ARMYs got to hear V’s speech because it would’ve been a travesty if it was never actually heard.

Similarly, when Jungkook finally finished his speech during a live broadcast, ARMYs could finally hear the end of the sentence, which was meant to be, “Focus on… enjoying every moment.” 


Considering how nervous all the members were, maybe it was a blessing that both V and Jungkook got to do the speech in their own time without any pressure. It also shows just how talented the members are, being able to deliver speeches in fluent English, despite not being as proficient as RM.

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