Why BTS’s V Accepted The Role In IU’s “Love Wins All” MV Despite Needing To Enlist Later That Week

Filming even took up several days.

IU recently released the music video for her pre-release single “Love Wins All.” BTS‘s V starred as her love interest in the post-apocalyptic world.

It was his last big project before enlisting for his mandatory military service on December 11, 2023. He had only a week before this date and the filming process itself took up several days.

BTS’s V (Left) and RM (Right) | @rkive/Instagram

Despite this, he still decided to accept the deal because of two main reasons.

1. He looks up to the director.

First up, the biggest reason why V took on the role was because of his admiration for the director of the music video, Um Tae Hwa.

The idol enjoyed his work in the film Concrete Utopia and snatched the chance to work with him.

First of all, the director of the music video was Director Um Tae Hwa, who filmed Concrete Utopia so I thought it would be a precious memory to work on a piece with him and I decided to star in the MV.

 BTS’s V

2. He loved the song.

Besides liking the director of the music video, V was also a fan of the song itself. He looked up to the composer, Dong Hwan from Palette Band, who IU raved about “scouting”

Do you know the composer of this song? Dong Hwan, keyboardist of Palette Band. You liked him very much…he almost got hired at Disney so I decided to scout him.

— IU

The beauty of “Love Wins All” was what sealed the deal for him to accept the role. He knew that if he did not, he’d end up regretting his decision.

When IU called me, I said I should listen to this song first. After I listened to it, I knew that I would regret it so much if I don’t do the MV because it was totally my jam.

 BTS’s V

Check out the full video below!


Source: YouTube