BTS’s V Played The “Is This An Airport Or A Photoshoot?” Game Again

Top model V is off to see ARMY in Chiba, Japan.

Once again, has turned the world into his runway!


On November 21, BTS departed from Gimpo International Airport for their fanmeeting in Chiba, Japan. V brought two magnificent things with him for this trip: Yeontan and his top model looks!


Apparently, nobody told V that Gimpo Airport isn’t a photoshoot set. Everything from V’s charismatic poses…


…to his heart-fluttering gaze…


…to his chic style screams, “I’m shooting a magazine pictorial right now, didn’t you know?”.


When you’re V, even the most ordinary actions, like holding a passport, look elegant!


So…where is this gallery, and how much are the tickets?


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