BTS’s V Is Teasing Fans On April Fool’s Day Just Because He Can 

He knows the best way to “prank” ARMY.

BTS‘s V is an expert at winning hearts any day of the year, but his love for ARMY hits differently on April Fool’s Day.


This year, J-Hope carried on BTS’s mischievous traditions by pranking ARMY on WeverseJin also brought fun to the app by impersonating J-Hope. (Spoiler: Jin didn’t fool anyone!)

J-Hope (left) and Jin (right)

V, on the other hand, teased fans in a different way. After what felt like an eternity, this award-winning Weverse King returned to the app just to see how much ARMY missed him!

| Weverse

I just browsed without writing anything to make you think of us fondly [smirk emoji]

— V

Does absence truly make the heart grow fonder? Absolutely! Fans flooded the app with loving messages for V. One playful ARMY wrote, “My love, whom I’m always fond of, the ones I long for, whom I always miss. It’s April Fools, but don’t lie and tell us you miss us.”

| Weverse

“I still miss and feel fond of our ARMY,” V sweetly replied. “if not even more than before [eyes emoji]”

| Weverse

Shortly after V dropped by, “Kim Taehyung”, “HE CAME HOME”, and other related phrases trended on Twitter. This was the best “prank” ARMYs could have wished for!

| Twitter

In addition to teasing fans, V also broke a new record on April Fool’s Day. Check it out here:

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