BTS’s V Reveals The Song That Always Makes Him Emotional Even Without Knowing The Lyrics

You may be familiar with the song he chose!

BTS‘s songs have the power to make people experience a full range of emotions within three or four minutes. Their voices alone make fans all over the world swoon, cry, smile, and everything in between.

Of course, the members themselves also go through the exact same experiences as their listeners do whenever they tune in to their favorite artists. In an interview posted on Weverse Magazine, V revealed the song that never fails to make him emotional.


It was none other than Arctic Monkeys‘ 2013 track “No. 1 Party Anthem.” V chose it because it “shares his feelings” the most even if he does not know the meaning behind it.

When I hear that song…I get emotional, somehow.

— V

It was even more meaningful to him because it was able to touch his heart despite his preference for genres other than rock. The lead singer’s voice and the instrumentals created a perfectly sentimental vibe.

I don’t usually listen to a lot of rock music, but I can instantly feel the band’s emotions with that song.

— V

Arctic Monkeys | @arcticmonkeys/Instagram


V shared that he gets “emotional” every time he listens to “No. 1 Party Anthem.” He loves the song and the feelings that they bring out so much, he is inspired to become a better person.

I seriously get goosebumps listening to it, and emotional, and just all kinds of feelings. It’s to the point that, as soon as I hear that song, I think about how I really want to live well.

— V

V may not know what the song is about, but he knows that the power of music transcends language—and that the Arctic Monkeys’ song is a masterpiece.

Actually, I don’t really know what’s up with that song. I don’t even know the lyrics, but I’m quite clear on what sort of emotions the melody and the band’s performance give me.

— V

Source: Weverse Magazine