ARMYs Express Anger At People’s Behavior Towards BTS’s V As He Left CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show

“They took advantage of V’s kindness!”

BTS‘s V recently stunned fans as he attended CELINE‘s Paris Fashion Week show. As expected from the global superstar, the idol was the main event and V absolutely wowed with his visuals, charisma, and style throughout the day.

BTS’s V at the CELINE event | @thetaeprint/Twitter

At the airport on the way to Paris, V was met by a lot of ARMYs and media who all wanted to wish the idol well on his journey.

BTS’s V at the airport

His appearance was hotly anticipated and ARMYs unsurprisingly wanted to see V in person, so they arrived at the venue nice and early to get the perfect spot to see the BTS member. With the heat and large crowds, ARMYs and CELINE staff worked together to create a safe environment, including numbering and handing out water.

Even when it turned out that V had gone through another entrance to avoid the crowds, ARMYs were pleased that there were some protocols in place to ensure the idol’s safety.

However, the new entryway was still worrying. The crowds were smaller, as they didn’t realize V would be entering that way, but the lack of barricades raised concerns. Luckily, V seemed to make it into the venue safely.

Even as V came out to the larger crowds with BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and actor Park Bo Gum, there was tight security ensuring that the celebrities could have a good time and interact with fans, but in the safest way possible.

V definitely seemed to fit in perfectly during the event and there was so much content that ARMYs worldwide were in complete meltdown. Dressed in a red jacket, statement necklace, and sparkling top, V was truly a star.

| @ELLEThailand/Twitter
| @ELLEThailand/Twitter

However, although many praised CELINE’s approach to V’s security (along with the other celebrities attending), ARMYs raised concerns about the behavior of fans attending after the event finished.

When the event ended, there were unsurprisingly a lot of fans still waiting for the celebrities to leave the venue. CELINE was praised as they seemed to ensure that V had security guards while he was walking through.

| @Aleks2900/Twitter

Unfortunately, although most fans were polite and respectful, one video has gained attention on social media for showcasing the opposite end of the spectrum. The now-deleted post by the user was reshared by another ARMY in anger.

When V got into the car, he unsurprisingly opened the windows to wave at fans. Yet, those closest to the vehicle seemed to take this as a chance to get close to the idol as they started reaching through the window.

When the video was released, ARMYs and netizens took to the comments to share their anger at the behavior of those in the video. For them, V has always made an effort to greet fans no matter what but they seemed to be taking advantage of that kindness.

Although security was present, it seems like both CELINE and HYBE could’ve done more to protect V, especially as the crowds seemed to increase as the night went on. Luckily, V was safe and did not get hurt but it raises concerns about the etiquette of some fans.

You can read more about BTS’s V at CELINE’s show below.

BTS’s V Is Truly The Main Event As He Shines At CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show

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