3 Crazy Ways A.R.M.Ys are Celebrating BTS V’s Birthday

One way to celebrate a birthday is to adopt a tiger!

BTS V will be celebrating his 23rd birthday in just a few days, on the 30th of December. A.R.M.Ys all around the world have already started their celebration! Here are just a few of the many amazing ways they’re showing their appreciation and love for V.


1. Adopt a tiger!

Not literally bring a tiger into your home, of course.

A.R.M.Ys are doing their part to help the world by donating to WWF(World Wide Life) in V’s name to support endangered tigers, where funds are used to provide protection and maintain tiger species. As a token of thanks, donors are given an adoption certificate as a part of the adoption kit.

On Twitter, a relay has kicked off amongst A.R.M.Ys with fans posting their adoption certificate along with a birthday message to V. Many fans are praising this trend that not only supports V but an endangered animal too, and has shown their willingness to hop on board.

This gift is especially meaningful, because V and A.R.M.Ys often refer to V as a tiger, sometimes a “baby tiger”.

2. An entire aquarium, just for V.

It’s the first time a fanclub has organised an aquarium event for their idol!

V’s Chinese fan club, “Baidu KimTaehyung Bar”, collaborated with one of the biggest aquariums in Korea, COEX Aquarium, to decorate the facility with pictures of V. Around the aquarium are photo zones, banners with messages, bigger-than-life-size prints of V, and photos on the walls, floors and columns. An underwater performance using V’s birthday banner is also planned for the day of V’s birthday.

This event started on the 23rd and is set to continue until 1st of January. During this time, fans and visitors are able to get a discount by posting a photo with the hashtag “#방탄소년단(BTS)” and showing it at the entrance. BTS members all get a free pass, should they visit!

3. Star for a star

V’s Vietnamese fanclub, “Taegers Team”, organised a very special gift for V’s birthday. They named a star within the Capricorn zodiac – V’s zodiac – “December Sunshine”. They also wrote a heartfelt message to V.

To us [A.R.M.Ys], you are the brightest, the most beautiful so, be happy and shine in the way you still do.

– Taegers Team

A star in the sky is a fitting birthday present for a star on stage, don’t you think?


These are just a few ways A.R.M.Ys have been expressing their love. A.R.M.Ys have also prepared events from TV advertisements and subway advertisements in Korea, to electronic billboard ads in Canada and France. Shows just how much love BTS are getting from all over the world!

Source: @KIMTAEHYUNGBAR_, @TaegersTeam and @BTS_twt