BTS’s V Told An ARMY To Immediately Come Work For BigHit After Seeing These Fan Art Series

“My heart feels warm.”

BTS‘s V absolutely fell in love when he saw a series of fan art drawn by an ARMY that reflected the theme of their latest album, “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”.

The recently released album was a reflection to the past 7 years of the 7 members’ paths that they’ve overcome to get to where they are today.

One ARMY uploaded the series, which was drawn by another fan who goes by the name BABA. The army uploaded the fan art with hopes that the members would see it.

Fan: “I hope [the members] all see these images.”
The images were of the members today looking back at themselves when they were younger, even before they debuted as the group BTS!

Adult Jin looked back at little Jin who was learning to find his way around Seoul for the first time by using the bus route.

Adult Suga sat next to little Suga who was burnt out from working part time jobs.

Adult RM looked proudly at little RM who was busy studying at every subject possible that will help in his future career – perhaps most notably, English!

Adult J-Hope danced right alongside little J-Hope who was busy practicing his dance moves straight after school!

Adult Jimin was all love and pride while looking at little Jimin who was sweating blood, sweat, and tears for his dance recital.

Adult V snickered at the exact moment when little V decided to pursue a career in music after being gift a saxophone.

And adult Jungkook looked adoringly at little Jungkook who was getting ready to audition for the first time.

After seeing these adorable fan art, V felt so touched that he personally invited the artist to come work for BigHit Entertainment!

He wrote, “ㅋㅋㅋㅋ My heart feels warm. Come work for our company.

With such creativity and talent, BABA would most definitely fit in well with the BigHit family! Will they take V’s advice and apply? It would surely be a story to tell during the job interview!


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