BTS’s V Asked ARMY To Turn Him Into A “Simpsons” Character

ARMYs would definitely tune in to watch this episode.

If you’re wondering why your timeline is suddenly flooding with BTS The Simpsons fanart, it’s all because of V.


V has been actively posting on Twitter and BTS Weverse since BTS’s 2-month vacation began on August 12. He started by tweeting self-cams of himself listening and lipsyncing to rap.


On August 15, V made an unexpected request on Weverse. He asked for The Simpsons fanart from ARMY, saying that he would frame it.


ARMYs immediately ran to get their art supplies! They’ve created amazing portraits of V and his dog Yeontan


…and V has shown his appreciation by going on a commenting spree!


He is absolutely loving ARMY’s creations. Soon V’s walls may be covered with framed illustrations like this one!