ARMYs Call Out HYBE For Allegedly Mistreating BTS’s V During Recent Schedules

From the lack of content, support, and action, ARMYs are taking action!

Ever since the members of BTS debuted, they have gained so much praise for a lot of different reasons. Aside from their insane talent, visuals, and charisma, the members are all extremely hard working and put 110% into everything they do, and V is no different.


As the members are on a break from group schedules, the group has been focusing on their own promotions and activities.

V is no different and has wowed netizens with the amount of work he’s done. In just this year so far, V took the internet by storm with his Paris Fashion Week appearance CELINE, his recent Vogue editorial, the filming of In The Soop: Friendcation with the Wooga Squad, and attending the Broker VIP premiere.

V at Paris Fashion Week for CELINE | Vogue

V’s Vogue editorial trailer | @voguekorea/Instagram

V and the rest of the Wooga Squad | Disney+

V at the “Broker” premiere | Newsen/YouTube 

Yet, recently, netizens have raised concerns about the treatment of V by HYBE. While V was doing all these solo promotions, ARMYs raised their anger at the lack of exposure of V’s solo activities and promotion of any event attended he attended.

The topic became hot on social media over the past few days, with ARMYs trending phrases sharing their anger towards HYBE and their love for V.

Many even brought back a thread from back in 2018 when ARMYs were calling out HYBE (then known as BigHit Entertainment) for their treatment of V.

In particular, they also pointed out that while many members have had videos released on the group’s YouTube of their solo activities, V hasn’t. They explained that V’s last solo video was a year ago.

Along with the lack of content, netizens have also called out HYBE for the lack of protection regarding V’s private life.

Recently, users have been sharing alleged images and videos of V and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie. Yet, despite the seriousness of the issue, netizens believe HYBE hasn’t responded correctly by issuing a statement or taking action against the hacker. Along with all the other issues, ARMYs are voicing their anger.

Although many fans believe that if V was feeling disrespected he would say something, others believe that the evidence of the mistreatment is undeniable. They aren’t aiming the concerns at the other members but at HYBE for their alleged lack of respect and mistreatment of V.