ARMYs Call Out BIGHIT MUSIC For Disrespecting BTS’s V During His Solo Activities

“Isn’t a company there to promote their artists?”

ARMYs are calling out BIGHIT MUSIC after they believe the company has been disrespecting BTS‘s V and his recent solo schedules.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

On March 29, ELLE Korea released a video with BTS’s V where he answered questions, including on the bear versus tiger debate, with the help of emojis.


It isn’t the only solo activity V has been doing, as the idol has been shining with his ELLE Korea photoshoots while rocking CELINE looks, appearing weekly on the show Jinny’s Kitchen, and his partnership with SimInvest.

BTS’s V for ELLE Korea | @thv/Instagram
BTS’s V on Jinny’s Kitchen | tvN 
BTS’s V for SimInvest | SimInvest/YouTube

Despite all these solo activities, the term “BIGHIT Respect Taehyung” started trending shortly after the emoji video was posted. While V has been gaining attention for all of his promotions and activities, ARMYs believe that BIGHIT MUSIC has disrespected the idol by not promoting his content.

On social media, the @BIGHIT_MUSIC account is known to tweet activities from those under the company, including music, appearances, and much more.

Yet, ARMYs quickly noticed that aside from the odd tweet about Jinny’s Kitchen…

BIGHIT MUSIC had not promoted any of V’s solo activities, especially concerning his recent pictorials and interviews.

After noticing the trend, ARMYs started trending the phrase “BIGHIT Respect Taehyung,” calling out the company for not promoting the idol’s work.

While ARMYs are not blaming the members for the social media activity, they want to gain the attention of BIGHIT MUSIC and for the company to promote V’s solo activities in the same way as the other members.