BTS’s V Receives An Outpouring Of Love From ARMYs, Wishing Him A Speedy Recovery

ARMYs are trending “#GetWellSoonTaehyung.”

On Tuesday, February 15, BIGHIT MUSIC announced via Weverse that BTS‘s V began to experience symptoms that day. He visited a hospital and was tested positive for COVID-19.



We would like to provide you with some information regarding the health of BTS member V.

V visited the hospital Tuesday afternoon on the 15th after experiencing a mild sore throat and took the PCR test. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 tonight.

V completed two rounds of COVID-19 vaccinations and is not presenting any extraordinary symptoms other than a mild fever and sore throat. He is currently undergoing treatment at home while waiting for further guidelines from the health care authorities.

There was contact with the other members on Saturday the 12th, but everyone was wearing a mask, and there was no close contact. None of the BTS members other than V are presenting any symptoms, and everyone received negative results from the preemptive self-tests.

The company places the artists’ health as our top priority and we will do everything we can to aid V in his speedy recovery. We will also diligently cooperate with the requests and guidelines of the health care authorities.

Thank you.



Upon hearing the news, an outpouring of love and support for V was seen across multiple social media channels like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

ARMYs reacted to the news. Everyone is heartbroken to hear that V is not feeling well.

Still, many shared encouraging messages for V. We’re all wishing him a speedy recovery.

V is always a source of strength and love for ARMYs. So, we hope to be the same for him during this difficult time.

V regularly visits Weverse to check on ARMYs. He tries to help in any way he can when those struggle.

Likewise, ARMYs assure that V will never be alone in anything he faces.

One ARMY shared that they painted a purple monochrome landscape in honor of V even before the news of his condition. Knowing V loves art especially, we imagine these types of messages will give him healing.

On Twitter, “GetWellSoonTaehyung” trended along with V’s nicknames such as “Tae.” That hashtag alone has over 269K tweets at the time of writing. Similarly, “WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG” and “#GetWellSoonV” have 66.7K Tweets and 43.8K Tweets, respectively. 

| @Australia4Tae/Twitter

We hope V gets to see all the love on social media for him, and we wish for a speedy and full recovery!

Source: Weverse