BTS V’s Reaction To ARMYs Mobbing Him At JFK Airport Showcases His True Personality

V has a true heart of gold!

Not only is BTS‘s V handsome and talented, but he is also known as one of the most caring and considerate idols in the industry. No matter what he’s doing or how he’s feeling, he will always make sure to be extremely caring towards ARMYs.

Recently, V gained attention after capturing the hearts of netizens with his visuals at Incheon Airport. The idol set off for New York for a personal schedule and wowed fans with his unique fashion and charms.

When arriving at JFK airport, the reaction was unsurprisingly the same. It seemed like hundreds of fans had waited for the BTS member. He was greeted by cheers as he came through the doors. Walking through, V was seen greeting or thanking someone, and he looked like a model even after a long flight.

Unfortunately, as he started walking through the airport itself, the barriers that had separated him and ARMYs disappeared. Although he had security, ARMYs quickly made their way towards V, and security could be seen pushing them back for both his and their safety.

However, when V noticed that ARMYs were being pushed, despite it being for his security, he wanted to make sure to protect his fans. So that the guards didn’t have to use force, the idol politely asked ARMYs to move back so that they wouldn’t get hurt.

Yet, of course, despite the huge crowds, V made sure to greet ARMYs as he made his way to the car. He kept waving at them as he got into his vehicle.

Even when the door was shut, the idol rolled down the windows and made sure to keep waving at all the fans who had waited for him.

When the video was shared on social media, people shared just how kind V was being, considering the “disrespect” and “lack of boundaries” shown by the fans. Although some fans wanted more protection for V, others explained that there was enough security, but the crowd was such a large scale.

No matter how dangerous crowds are, if ARMYs are there, V will always make sure to protect the fans and make sure he feels their love and appreciation in every way.

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Source: celebritynycmoment and @KTH_Facts

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