BTS’s V Interrupts His Sexy AF ELLE Korea Photoshoot Posts With An Unexpected And Unseen Baby Photo

“He knew we needed something cute to recover….”

BTS‘s V definitely has two sides to him! On the one hand, he can kill ARMYs worldwide with his sexiness.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

But then, the next minute, he reminds fans of just how adorable and wholesome he is.

Recently, V gained attention after sharing some steamy hot photoshoot photos… but balancing it with the cutest pre-debut photo ever!

On March 21, ELLE Korea finally posted more photos from V’s new editorial. Unsurprisingly, it sent the internet into a meltdown and the reactions from ARMYs were, as expected, truly iconic.

Of course, after the photos were posted and netizens reacted in the perfect way, V shared the shots on his Instagram story. After the flurry of teasers and then shots from the Harry Styles concert, the influx of photos from the ELLE Korea shoot was definitely shocking.

Whether V had a vest above no shirt…

| @thv/Instagram

The denim outfit that reminded fans of an old music video…

| @thv/Instagram

Or the nose piercing, it was a lot to take in.

| @thv/Instagram

Yet, hilariously, after a stream of photos, ARMYs were shocked to see another story get posted to V’s Instagram. Compared to the sexy AF photoshoot images, netizens were shocked to see that V had shared an unseen pre-debut picture… from when he was a baby.

| @thv/Instagram

While the other faces were covered with emojis, even if it wasn’t, V would be easy to recongize the idol.

| @thv/Instagram

After the photos were posted, many ARMYs on different social media accounts couldn’t help but laugh at how V decided to remind fans he was still cute so they could calm down from the photos!

As always, V is very considerate and knew that, after the photos from the shoot were released, ARMYs needed something cute to calm themselves down.

You can read more about ARMYs’ reactions to the photoshoot below.

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Source: @thv


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