BTS’s V Sends ARMYs Into Meltdown After Teasing Them About His Muscles On Weverse

ARMYs are not ready when V finally shared the results… 💪

Since BTS debuted back in 2013, it seems like a day can’t go by without one of the members sending the internet into meltdown. With a single message or interaction with fans, they have the ability to get ARMYs excited and also hot under the collar.

Recently, BTS’s V did exactly that when teasing ARMYs about his muscles.


In the past, V has definitely made an impact with his muscles. Although it isn’t often that ARMYs get a glimpse of V’s physique, whenever it does happen, the internet goes into meltdown no matter where the muscles are.

Well, it seems like V has done it again, but he hasn’t even shared any photos.

On August 17, BTS’s V returned to Weverse after revealing that he’d forgotten his password. During his Weverse spree, one ARMY seemed to notice that V’s muscles were extremely impressive recently and messaged, “Your muscles are amazing! Are you exercising?”

| Weverse

Of course, like most ARMYs, this person probably didn’t expect a reply from V, but the idol did and made fans hot under the collar with his promise, “I have to show these muscles someday…”

| Weverse

It seems like after the first question, V had a particular kind of post that stood out to him, and it was all on the topic of his muscles and exercising.

The next lucky ARMY wanted to know more about V’s muscles and the condition, so asked him about how often he works out. V seemed to be modest when he explained that it had been a week since he had exercised last.

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Although it might have been a week, the life of an idol means that artists are constantly exercising, even if they don’t intend to.

Yet, it was the next post that made ARMYs laugh. After teasing fans with his muscles and exercise routines, one fan unsurprisingly was very blunt and asked to see V’s muscles in a cute way.

Well, it seems like fans might have to wait a bit longer as V replied that he would return soon and added that he was going to eat some protein. However, it was the muscle and angry emojis that had netizens LOL’ing.

| Weverse

When the posts were shared, ARMYs couldn’t get over the anticipation of seeing V’s muscles again, especially after what they’d seen in the past. A lot were jokingly worried that they wouldn’t be able to cope if V ever did share any pictures.

Luckily, ARMYs didn’t have to wait long. Shortly after the posts, BTS’s V returned to Weverse with the highly-anticipated muscle picture. In the shot, V’s muscles were on show in a rolled-up t-shirt, and it was definitely worth the wait!

| Weverse

BTS always love interacting with fans on social media and whether they know it or not, anything they saw will send the internet into meltdown. Hopefully, V gives fans some warning before posting any pictures of his muscles because ARMYs will definitely have the best reaction when it happens.

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