BTS’s V Started A Contest Asking Fans For Ideas On His New Signature

You can be a part of V’s signature!

BTS‘s V has a dilemma, and he’s turning to his ARMY for help! He just announced on Weverse that he’s looking for a new signature to use, and he’s seeking inspiration from his artistic fans.

As of now, V has four known signatures that he uses for every different occasion. He has a quick and easy personal one, the official signature he uses as BTS’s V, his passport signature, and a small, adorable one when he’s feeling more TaeTae than V.

But he’s seeking a new change to his artistic ways! He took to Weverse to create the #MakeTaehyungSignatureContest. He has small rules to what he’s looking for but he’s eager to see what his ARMYs have for him!

<Make Taehyung Signature Contest>

Kim Taehyun wants to change his signature, and he’s requesting ideas from ARMYs!! The winner of the contest will be awarded ㅇㅇ! #MakeTaehyungSignatureContest

-It has to be small but cool

-It has to be hard for others to follow

-It doesn’t have to have the four leaf clover

— V

And ARMYs responded to his call! Some kept similar to the signature he has now with the four leaf clover, and V began to save them to his idea box.

Oh… I’ll keep it for now Thank you

— V

While others got creative with his signature characteristics, such as his adorable boxy smile!

I like the draft. Keep.

— V

As ARMYs continued to shower him with ideas for his next signature, V thanked them for all their hard work. These are a few that he responded with “Keep”!

As the number of contestants continue to grow, he’s asking ARMYs to keep track of some good ideas since he’s most likely to miss a lot them due to the size of applications.

Which lucky ARMY will be a part of V’s new signature? We’ll just have to wait to find out!