BTS’s V Gains Attention For His Behavior Toward Jeon So Min During “Running Man”

V is always the perfect gentleman!

BTS‘s V has gained attention after his behavior towards Running Man cast member Jeon So Min.

Recently, BTS’s V starred on the hit variety show Running Man. As expected, the idol created some memorable moments with the rest of the cast that had ARMYs LOL’ing.


In a bonus clip from the show, V showcased that while winning is fun, it’s also good to be a gentleman. For those who didn’t win, they had a chance of being hit with cream as a penalty, and amongst the male cast members, Jeon So Min was the only female.

As the cast was getting ready, V asked about the nature of the game.

Out of the blue, although he had won the chance to avoid the penalty, V explained that he wanted to have a try and said that he would do it instead of So Min.

All the cast couldn’t stop saying how “cool” V was as he took his place where So Min had just been sat. So Min even seemed flustered as she got up and moved away from her spot.

Luckily, BTS’s V didn’t get hit with the cream, but it was the meaning behind the gesture that ARMYs noticed.

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t get over how kind V was being, and that with his small actions, he managed to prove just how much of a gentleman he is. In particular, many pointed out how happy they were to see someone being so kind to So Min, who was usually subjected to the penalties.

As expected, V always gains attention for his gentlemanly behavior towards others. While many could interpret it as V just wanting to try, the fact he chose to take the place of So Min rather than the male cast members meant it wasn’t surprising that V’s behavior was being praised.

Source: SBS running Man

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