BTS’s V Gains Attention For His Method Of Trying To Keep His Blonde Hair A Surprise At Incheon Airport

While his visuals were glowing on his return from Madrid, his hair was hidden!

BTS‘s V is back to blonde, but the idol seems determined to hide the full extent of his new haircut in any way possible.

While V basically suits every hairstyle he’s ever had, ARMYs have always loved seeing V with blonde locks.

BTS’s V | @nuna_v/Twitter

At the end of May, V teased fans with the fact that the blonde hair had returned as he headed off on an overseas schedule for what many netizens thought was related to his future solo debut.

V gave glimpses of his blonde hair on Instagram and through media photos at the airport.

BTS’s V at the end of May heading for an overseas schedule

Fans have been eager to see V’s blonde locks, and while the filming schedule in Madrid has been private, many hoped that it wouldn’t be long before his hair was on show.

In particular, when news outlets announced V’s return to Korea on June 9 (KST), it seemed like the perfect opportunity… or so fans thought.

As expected, Incheon Airport was full of fans who had waited hours for the idol. So, it wasn’t surprising that when V finally arrived, the airport was full of screams.

Yet, many couldn’t hide their “sadness” that V seemed determined to keep the nature of his hair a secret, as the idol was spotted sporting another hat to his all of his luscious blonde locks.

Although the idol greeted fans, V kept his hair under wraps in the cutest hat possible from the minute he started walking through the airport with his head down but still interacting with ARMYs and media…

To the moment that he got into his car and waved bye to the fans one last time.

While the videos were adorable, Korean media made sure to get pictures of the idol. Many of the pictures of V were praised for showcasing his unreal visuals, including his amazing skin that was glowing.

Others showed off the cute accessory that V used to keep his hair… basically a secret.

Although many netizens were gushing about V’s visuals and his unreal influence, others couldn’t stop joking about how much dedication he put into trying not to fully reveal his hair.

Hopefully, it isn’t too long before fans get to see V’s hair in all its glory. Until then, the glimpses are already enough to send the internet into a meltdown.

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Source: KOREA Dispatch