BTS V’s Attitude Towards Reporters At Incheon Airport Showcases His True Personality

It is impossible to love him anymore!

On March 28, five of the BTS members wowed netizens as they arrived at Incheon airport and showcased immense visuals. However, alongside their good looks, one member caught the attention for his personality and attitude, and it was none other than BTS’s V.


Of course, when the members arrived at Incheon Airport, V rightly amazed netizens with his amazing visuals and fashion sense. He looked amazing in a color-coordinated number, but he also teamed it with a Mute Boston bag *and he is definitely on ARMYs’ rob list*.

It wasn’t surprising that when the members arrived, they were surrounded by media who all wanted to see the group before they left. However, instead of letting them phase him, V was a true gentleman as they followed him into the airport.

One moment caught the attention of fans and received praise. When V got out of the car, he was wearing headphones. Netizens noticed that as reporters came near him and started talking, he took one side out so he could hear and reply to them.

| @loopsvante/ Twitter

It showed just how considerate  V is and, despite the fact they were close to him, he didn’t want to come across as rude and replied to them.

As the press continued to follow him inside of the airport, V continued to showcase his charms and personality as the media wished him well. One member of the press exclaimed, “Taehyung-ssi have a safe journey…” and V made sure to reply, saying, “Sure, sure, sure, hehe.

| @thetaeprint/ Twitter

Even as the reporters continued to shout his name, V made sure to acknowledge each and every one of them as he replied to them in any way possible.

| @thetaeprint/ Twitter

When the various clips were shared on social media, netizens couldn’t hide their pride in what V did. Although they didn’t expect anything less from someone as kind-hearted as V, they shared their respect and admiration for the idol on social media.

Yet, it wasn’t the only time V caught the attention of ARMYs at the airport. He also shocked fans when he was spotted giving older member Suga a ₩10,000 KRW note, and it even surprised Suga himself.

V has proven to be a true gentleman, and his real personality is always on show. Even when being an idol might become too overwhelming, or the members want some privacy, they continue to showcase true class and manners.

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BTS’s V Gave Suga A ₩10,000 KRW Note At Incheon Airport

Source: @thetaeprint and @loopsvante


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