BTS’s V Melts ARMYs’ Hearts With The Cutest Throwback Picture Of Bam, And Even J-Hope Can’t Get Enough

Nobody can get enough of BTS and their pets!

When BTS announced that they would be releasing the second series of their much-loved series In The SOOP, fans couldn’t hide their excitement at seeing the boys have a much-earned rest and let their hair down.

Yet, very quickly, it seems as if the show saw a new star make his way into ARMYs’ hearts, and that was Jungkook‘s dog BamIt also looks as if the other members are also smitten with Bam.

BTS’s Jungkook and Bam | Weverse

However, one member particularly seems to have been showing a lot of love to Bam. From the very beginning, member V seemed to have fallen in love with Bam. Now, it looks as if their interactions during In The SOOP were far from the cutest moments.

Recently, V took to Weverse to answer some fan questions and share some photos. In particular, one caught the attention of fans, and it was a picture of V and Bam. Yet, rather than one from In The SOOP, it seemed like a very old picture. The caption also showed the age, and it said, “I raised Bam when he was a baby.

BTS’s V and Bam | Weverse

When the picture was shared on social media, fans couldn’t get enough of the two together, and it cemented the fact that Bam has stolen the hearts of ARMYs.

However, it isn’t just ARMYs who couldn’t get enough of the photo. After the image was shared, J-Hope went on his own spree on Weverse and replied to the picture. In two comments, he wrote “ah bam-ie…” and then took the words out of ARMYs’ mouth when he said, “Pwease do a collab of tan-ban rawr.”

It seems as if ARMYs aren’t the only ones who want more content with Bam. With all of the interactions on In The SOOP, it is any surprise that fans and J-Hope cannot get enough of V’s interactions with Bam!

| Weverse
| Weverse 

Yet, it isn’t the first time that BTS has proven that even if a pet technically belongs to one member, it doesn’t stop the others from sharing their love. V’s own dog Yeontan has become a huge part of ARMYs lives alongside J-Hope’s dog Mickey, to name a few.

BTS’s J-Hope and his dog Mickey | Weverse


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