BTS’s “V Hit” Just Gave Bang Si Hyuk A Hilarious Ultimatum  

He jokingly threatened to take action if his request isn’t granted.

BTS‘s Jin isn’t the only rebellious member who tells their agency what to do!

Bang Si Hyuk (founder of Big Hit Entertainment) with Jin.

Say hello to “V Hit”, the reigning King of Weverse. Just a day after BTS’s posting spree, V visited the app again to drop Run BTS! spoilers and protect ARMY from COVID-19.

For 30 minutes, he entertained fans, urging ARMYs who want to go outside to stay home with him instead. In the end, V replied to so many fans’ posts that Jin eventually popped by to give his two cents.


Fan: Taehyung-ah [V]…thanks for playing with us like a friend would.

V: We’re friends.

Jin: He’s the reason why my phone is buzzing.

— Jin and V, Weverse

Earlier this year, V won a Weverse certificate and a title (“Director of Recreation”) for excellent attendance on the app, but that’s not enough. Now, V says he deserves more for going above and beyond.

Big Hit, it isn’t right to just give me an award certificate and that’s it. This time give me more.

— V

That’s right. Give him V reward, or else! He playfully threatened to create his own app to compete with Weverse if Big Hit Entertainment doesn’t appease him.

Hey!! Honestly, I’m 10% of the reason why Weverse is doing well ㅡ I’ll create my own app

(lacks the skills to create an app)

— V

If another certificate isn’t what V wants, what are his demands? He gave the agency two options: a day off, or a wish only Bang Si Hyuk can grant.

A day off

Or seeing Bang Si Hyuk hyung dance the ON choreography one time

— V

The dance for “ON” is one of BTS’s toughest, and fans would absolutely love to see Bang Si Hyuk try it. Let’s hope V’s wish comes true!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse