BTS V Becomes First Celebrity To Be On Times Square Studio Screen

Congratulations V!

BTS’ V has officially become the first individual celebrity to be on the ABC Super Sign in Times Square, New York.

The ABC Super Sign is an iconic billboard that has been around since the inaugural broadcast of Good Morning America in 1999. Located at the Times Square Studio building, it is often used by Good Morning America, Disney and ESPN.


The advertisement, which was set up by V’s Korean and international fans, was put up to celebrate the finale of BTS’ North American concert before they head off for the UK.


The sign was also reported by the British newspaper, Metro, and has become a global issue.


This was not the first time V appeared on a Times Square billboard, however, as fans celebrated his birthday through a billboard ad in December 2017 as well.


It was, however, the first time any celebrity was shown on the ABC Super Sign. Congratulations to V on another amazing achievement that truly shows how big he’s made it!

Source: Sports Chosun and Metro