BTS’s V Reveals The Hardships He Endured While Filming “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”

V always remains professional!

After a long wait, ARMYs worldwide all waited in eager breath for the release of BTS‘s newest album PROOF, and the video for their newest track, “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment.” As expected, the music video and tracks on the album surpassed everyone’s expectations, and it was definitely emotional AF.

BTS from the “Yet To Come” music video. | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

| HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

In particular, one member who has been sharing some behind-the-scenes moments from the filming of the music video is member V. From the minute the comeback was announced, the idol wowed in his concept photos by showcasing his visuals.

BTS’s V in the concept photos | @BTS_Bighit/Twitter

| @BTS_Bighit/Twitter

Well, his scenes in the music video were just as beautiful and hit differently for those who recognized the references. One of those moments that stood out was when V was almost capturing something with his hands, a reference to “Spring Day.”


Although the scene was beautiful and simple, it seemed like a lot more work went into the shots than expected. On Instagram, V posted a video from when he was filming. As always, the idol listened to the director’s comments and put his heart and soul into the shooting.

Action! OK, just try it several more times Taehyung-ah. Try doing it the opposite way too. We’ll use the best cut. No, don’t do it like that…

— Director

| @thev/Instagram 

The next clips on his Instagram were from shots filmed in the desert. As expected from the scenery, it would’ve been difficult to film with the heat and the amount of sand that was surrounding the idol.

Yet, as expected, V remained professional despite the tough winds and conditions.

| @thev/Instagram

| @thev/Instagram

Although V made it look effortless, after the videos were shared, V revealed that it definitely was extremely tough to film.

On Weverse, an ARMY must’ve seen the shots and sent a message to the idol saying, “You’ve done well amid the sandstorm. Thank you for the cool gift,” along with some adorable emojis and a picture from the Instagram post.

| Weverse

V managed to see this fan’s message and replied, “5000 pieces of sand went into my… eyes.” Considering the amount of wind, it isn’t surprising that V had those issues but he managed to continue filming…

| Weverse

Luckily, when they weren’t filming, the staff were there to make sure V’s eyes were protected with some of his own goggles, which are actually adorable AF.

As always, V proves that despite the hardships when filming, he continues to be a professional to create something beautiful for ARMYs to watch. Considering all his hard work, it isn’t surprising that the video turned out beautifully.

You can read more about the music video below.

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