BTS’s V Proves To Be The Best Dog Dad During Yeontan’s Music Show Debut

He’s so conscientious!

BTS‘s V proved to be the best dog dad!

Yeontan (left) and V (right)

V’s pet Pomeranian Yeontan made his anticipated music show debut on Mnet‘s music show M COUNTDOWN as V promoted his debut solo album with his new song “Slow Dancing.” Yeontan joined V on stage, surprising ARMYs.

While ARMYs praised Yeontan for how well-behaved he was on stage, especially in front of a large crowd…

The behind-the-scenes video shows that V also put effort into ensuring Yeontan would be okay. Mnet released a fancam of Yeontan, including the moments leading up to the performance. While filming, V asked the audience not to cheer or react too loudly for Yeontan’s sake.

I’m gonna tell Tannie, ‘This isn’t anything,’ and walk with him for a little bit, so please don’t scare him by making loud noises. …Okay, he’s coming… This may be good. I think he’s gunna follow me if I go slowly. Ok, I’m gonna do it. Fighting!

— V

ARMYs can’t stop praising V. He really is the best dog dad!


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BTS V’s Dog Yeontan Makes His Music Show Debut

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