BTS’s V Revealed To Be A Big Fan Of Veteran Soul Singer Moon Myung Jin

Moon Myung Jin revealed the story behind their friendship.

Singer Moon Myung Jin, who is a legendary soul singer in Korea, made a surprise confession that he’s a close friend of BTS‘s V.


He first confessed that he didn’t know who V was because he rarely keeps up with the entertainment industry. However, V reached out to him first as a fan and soon Moon Myung Jin became one of his long list of top celebrity friends!

I’m sorry to say this but I don’t watch TV often so I don’t know any of the idols. Taehyung told me that he was a big fan of mine so we ended up exchanging phone numbers.

He continued to contact me first. He would come visit my studio, we’d eat chicken together and go to cafes.

— Moon Myung Jin


They often met up for music sessions and dinner outings but one day, V declined Moon Myung Jin’s invitation for a whole year! He soon found out that it was because V was busy traveling worldwide winning awards left and right!

One day I asked without thinking, ‘Let’s meet up for dinner.’ He replied, ‘It might be difficult to meet up this year.’

I didn’t know what was going on so I felt a little hurt by it but it turned out that it was around the time he was promoting at Billboard.

— Moon Myung Jin


Moon Myung Jin also commented on just how powerful V was on social media. He got 100x more engagements on Instagram when he uploaded a photo of himself with V!

I usually got around 100~200 likes on Instagram but when I uploaded the photo I took with Taehyung, I got over 10,000. That was the first time I realized how annoying it can get so I put my phone on silent because I kept getting notifications.

I later found out that there was a way to just mute the Instagram notifications.

— Moon Myung Jin


Perhaps V paid a visit to Moon Myung Jin during their 2 month break but that’ll probably be it for another year as BTS has more than enough on their plate for the years to come!

Source: Xports News