Who Is BTS V’s Biggest Fan? Me? You? Jimin? No, It’s ELLE Korea

The magazine is going above and beyond to promote the idol.

As soon as Elle Korea teased BTS‘s V‘s feature on the cover and opened pre-orders, fans showed their support by making the magazine a #1 bestseller.

V | @thv/Instagram

It looks like BTS and ARMY have a bit of competition for being V’s biggest fan, though. The magazine recently went above and beyond to show its support for him.

Fans who happened to walk by Elle Korea’s headquarters saw a giant version of V’s cover hanging on the front of the building.

| @KTH_SUPREME/Twitter

As if that wasn’t enough, a smaller version of a different V cover was below it. Elle Korea didn’t stop there, either.

| @kthsupport143/Twitter

Through an Instagram post, the magazine flew a drone around the building to show off the giant covers.

#ELLECoverStar #V #SponsoredProduction

SEE IT BIGGER AND BETTER!!! ELLE’s April edition cover star BTS’s V is now all over the ten-story HLL building. You won’t be able to take your eyes off his overwhelming presence. If you spot him while walking down Dosandae-ro Street, be sure to snap a picture!

Producer Lee Eun Hye

D.o.p Park Doo Jin

— Elle Korea

V is genuinely loved by all, whether it’s the BTS members, fans, or brands.


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