A.R.M.Ys Spreading Love and Helping the Community for BTS V’s Birthday

Korean A.R.M.Ys make a very meaningful donation.

For V’s 23rd birthday, Korean A.R.M.Ys have come together to spread love and help the community through making a meaningful donation.

On 26th December, a Korean BTS V fan community, referred to as “DC Inside V Gallery”, donated a total of 4,425 coal briquettes to homes in need around Korea in V’s name.

1,995 went to Seoul, 1,230 to Daegu, and another 1,200 to Geochang. Daegu is V’s hometown, and Geochang is where V spent his school years.

Coal donations this year have been low compared to previous years, and on top of that, the price of coal has increased so much that many people are struggling. … We hope this can be a meaningful donation to those in need during the cold winter.

– DC Inside V Gallery

The numbers of coal briquettes donated also have reason behind them. The numbers “1995” and “1230” represent V’s birthday, 30th Dec 1995.

The fans were inspired to donate coal briquettes by V’s beloved pet dog “Yeontan(Tannie)”, who they’ve become familiar with through V Live and Twitter. “Yeontan”, when translated literally into English, means “coal”.

BTS would definitely be proud of A.R.M.Ys, and A.R.M.Ys should be too!

Source: Newsen