BTS’s V Crashed Weverse Faster Than You Can Say, “Happy Birthday!”

The app couldn’t handle ARMY’s love for BTS’s birthday boy.

Today, ARMYs are celebrating the 25th birthday of their Winter Prince, Snow Flower, and Born History Maker, BTS‘s V.

On this special day, fans are trending multiple celebratory hashtags on Twitter, sharing memories, launching birthday projects, and wishing V all the best on Weverse.

At 12:04 AM (KST), V logged in to humbly thank fans by sharing a screenshot of their Weverse birthday wishes for him.  “Love you Thank you,” he wrote with a bowing emoji.

Seconds later, ARMY flooded the app and exceeded its capacity. Weverse temporarily crashed, unable to handle the sheer amount of love fans have for their birthday boy.

| Weverse

Meanwhile, J-Hope‘s birthday video for V racked up 1 million views on Twitter in just ten minutes! Watch it here:

Happiest of birthdays to the one and only V!