Netizens Call Out HYBE And YG Entertainment For Their Lack Of Response Following Dating Rumors Between BTS’s V And BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Many shared their anger at the lack of protection for the idols!

The topic of idols dating has always been something that netizens have had very different views about. Whether they are true or not, any rumors can negatively impact the idols involved.

The same has happened recently after a Twitter user has been releasing images of BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Over the past few days, netizens have been shocked after a user on Twitter has been sharing images of V and Jennie together, explaining that it is proof of the duo dating. In particular, the latest photo allegedly showed the duo in V’s house.

One of the first images leaked by the user | @gurumiharibo/Twitter

The most recent image leaked by the user | @gurumiharibo/Twitter

It isn’t the first time that the two idols have gained attention after allegedly being spotted together. Back in May, an image of V and Jennie in a car was released, and it started the rumors again of the duo dating.

This is a photo that was sent in today. It might be they’re lookalikes, but it is allegedly a photo of two top idols. The female idol, in particular, has been rumored to have broken up with an OG idol member. So fans seem to be more receptive to this photo as true. We won’t name any names as we are not able to fact-check the photo.

— Instagram Account @dailyfashion_news

A photo allegedly of Jennie (left) and V (right) from May | @dailyfashion_news/Instagram

Of course, there is no confirmation on whether all of the photos are real or whether, as many netizens believe, they are photoshopped. Yet, as the images keep coming, although netizens are being vocal about their thoughts, two parties that have stayed surprisingly quiet is V’s label HYBE and Jennie’s company YG Entertainment.

In the past, when rumors surrounding idols have been spreading, HYBE particularly has been known for releasing statements swiftly. Despite being brief, YG has also shared statements regarding dating rumors, even if they are just to acknowledge them.

Yet, although many days have passed, there have been no comments from either company, apart from YG Entertainment vaguely addressing the rumors that Jennie and V were going to New York Together.

Many believe that to stop the rumors or protect the artists from hate, the companies should’ve addressed the rumors as soon as they started.

Even if a statement isn’t made regarding the dating rumors, many believe that the companies should’ve taken action against the account spreading “misinformation” if it isn’t true. The account has even promised that they have more content to post, yet neither HYBE nor YG Entertainment is doing anything.

Of course, although there is no confirmation of the rumors, netizens are also criticizing the companies if they are real. Many pointed out that if someone managed to obtain personal images from the idols’ phones, then their privacy isn’t being protected.

Whether it is true or not, HYBE and YG Entertainment should’ve swiftly addressed the rumors in some way to protect their artists. With V in New York and BLACKPINK set to travel to America for the VMAs, the pictures and allegations are moving the focus away from the idols’ talent and focusing on their personal lives.

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