Yet Another Photo Taken By BLACKPINK’s Jennie Could Be Linked To BTS’s V

How do people discover this stuff?

Yesterday, an alleged photo of BTS‘s V and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie once again ignited the rumors that the two K-Pop idols could be dating. The photo in question claimed that the woman holding the phone and taking the photo of V was Jennie.

Alleged photo of Jennie and V

Now, eagle-eyed netizens think they’ve spotted yet another piece of alleged evidence that V and Jennie have been spending time together based on a post on Jennie’s own Instagram story a couple of days ago.

In the now-archived photo, Jennie shows appreciation for a bouquet, balloons, and other gifts she received from Hera Beauty. Oddly, she blacked out everything but the gifts, making it hard to determine where she is.

The original photo on Jennie’s Instagram story

One of the balloons, however, was reflective — and the room behind her was able to be seen.

Photo posted on Jennie’s Instagram story with balloon circled

Netizens believe Jennie covered up the environment in the picture she took because she was allegedly in V’s apartment at the time.

Close-up of the balloon’s reflection

Photo comparisons have been released to show the potential similarities between what was seen in the balloon’s reflection and V’s apartment. However, needless to say, it’s truly up for interpretation on how similar they really are.

Alleged evidence of V’s apartment in the balloon’s reflection

Alleged evidence of V’s apartment in the balloon’s reflection

Many also claimed that it seems odd that Jennie would try to hide where she was when the photo was taken, but again, this is all speculation as there are other possible reasons behind her decision.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) | YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment and BIGHIT have yet to make a statement behind the circulating photos.